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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Client Meeting

Dear Client,
I am very proud to present to you the final product of this project. We realize that you asked for an interactive game but we were unable to find a suitable piece of software. So instead we have created a keynote with homemade music made on garage band. We look forward to presenting it to you next week. Here are some samples of the project for you.
Best Regards
Felix S.
Project Designer
Music Maker

Final Evaluation

This project was a project about bullying and how to advertise anti-bullying. I chose to do anti-bullying games which had to be none violent with animated figures. The project didn't work properly in the beginning because there was no software to make this kind o games. The software we had was always violent so that didn't work. We tried downloading something that worked but that was violent as well. In the end we had to make a keynote explaining what bullying is and explaining what we did. I made a garageband song to go with it. It didn't work out the way I wanted to but I can't change that now.

THe time we used was often not used properly but that was not our fault. We had to download big files for game-making and that took quiet long. In that time I was working on the garageband which made it better. THe next time I will take something easier. 

In the end we didn't have much time to make the keynote because we had research before that. The keynote is still ok but we could have done a better job if we had time. The plan and create stage didn't work properly at all. We couldn't do anything with the game machines so that was bad. The only good create thing was the keynote and garageband.

More screenshots are going to come...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A quick Timeline

We started the project. I chose to do the game creating.

We have a first look at some websites for game creating. We think about how to make an anti bullying game. Non violent and animated figures.

We look for a website that does these kinds of games. We don't find anything.

We look for a game machine. We find something and download it. Takes until the next lesson until it s done downloading.

We think the program is going to be good and start creating.

We try the game and in the end it is a shooting game. We delete the program.

We decide to simply make a keynote and Garageband because everything else is a waste of time.

We create both things.

We need to finish everything. We didn't have much time because we did the game research before.

What we did

Today I made a garage band song that will go with the powerpoint. Dylan wanted to do the keynote so I let him. We will put everything together and I think it will be good.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Keynote

Here is a picture of our keynote. It will take a little longer to finish it because I am not used to using it. We still might change it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Good

The program I have been talking about in the post before is not good at all. It is not a racing game but a shooting game. We will have to do something else.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have finally found a program to make games. IT has more violent games but there is an editor to make racing games. I think we will have to stick to that since it is as close as its going to get. The editor is complicated but I think with practice it will work.